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Classic Chateaux charm

Updated January 16, 2009 12:00 AM [ philstar.com ]

South Forbes Golf City, the country’s first all-themed golf resort city at the heart of the Metro Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay corridor and only recipient of the CNBC International Property Awards for Best Golf Community Development, continues to outdo itself project after project within its internationally-themed Residential Cluster among others. From the luxurious homes to the feature amenities, innovation and inspiration have been the trademarks of this development, so unique in the whole country.

“Capturing the essence of a foreign culture and integrating it with our own Filipino sensibilities is not an easy task to accomplish,” said Cathay Land president Jeffrey Ng. “In Châteaux de Paris, a masterpiece which epitomizes a French fantasy made real is revealed in the majestic Châteaux Clubhouse.”

Liberté. In an age of increasingly-complex technology and highly-specialized professions, often are the times when we would just like to take a long break from it all and retreat to a place of quiet solace and natural beauty, away from the rigors of work and the worries of other responsibilities. To some people, this is freedom. And such pleasures combined with an old world charm have been created in Châteaux Clubhouse as a sanctuary for those whose lives have become unmanageably hectic.

On the approach to the clubhouse, a huge and elaborate garden, a palette of flowering plants seemingly embroidered on the ground, is a most regal welcome to all visitors as well as a fitting homage to the Gardens of the Tuileries or Versailles that has made the French capital the envy of the world. Immediately, such splendor can soothe the eyes of any beholder as its intricate design leaves one in awe.

Much like the castles of yore, the clubhouse is surrounded by a moat of reflection pools whose rippled images recall of impressionist paintings inspired by Monet and Renoir. The moat extends to a 25-meter lap infinity-edge swimming pool at the rear that creates the illusion of overflowing to the river below. Listening to the sound of the flowing brook while staying immersed in the refreshing waters of the pool will undoubtedly calm the senses.

Fraternité. “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams”, signature phrase of renowned celebrity host Robin Leach, vividly illustrates the lifestyles of South Forbes’ elite as they mingle at the Châteaux Clubhouse’s array of social areas.

Every debutante’s dream is to be a princess on her special day. As her guests wait in eager anticipation at the 13-meter high Grand Ballroom, she makes her entrance from the mezzanine above and down the grand staircase where her prince awaits at the foot. The imposing chandelier dims and surrenders to the gentle flickers of candlelight. The gala begins to the accompaniment of the grand piano and a string quartet.

Egalité. As the stately Châteaux de Paris clubhouse becomes the shared home of its royal residents, so too is the world-class, 18-hole South Forbes Golf and Leisure Club where every South Forbes resident is entitled to free membership at no activation cost.

In fact, with the South Forbes’ affiliation with the International Management Group (IMG) Sports Club, all members are given special privileges and discounts to 42 other golf courses and sports clubs worldwide.

Be treated to a royal arrival. Move in right here, right now. Call 635-7777 or 631-8855 for a free city tour or log on to www.southforbes.com for more information.


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